Farm House in Weiler-la-Tour

Farm House in Weiler-la-Tour

The owners of this beautiful dwelling have asked us to extend their farmhouse and add a new barn with two workers' dwellings.

The farm is located a stone's throw from the church in the heart of Weiler-la-Tour, and the challenge was to create an ensemble in harmony with the existing farm to contribute to the beautification of the village center.

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Hotel Parc Belair

Hotel Parc Belair "l'Annexe" in Luxembourg

During the transformation of the house next to the Hotel Parc Belair in Luxembourg as an annex to the hotel, the Goeres group decided to add a dining room on the ground floor to enjoy the garden during the summer.

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Brasserie “l'Agape“  in Val d'Europe, Paris

In 2002 Léon Krier asked me to help him in this project for the company Disney in Val d'Europe.

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Retirement home

Retirement home "Hespériedes" in Grevenmacher

Project Mulhern & Steil.

The owner of this land resisted the temptation to integrate it into a subdivision under construction north and west of its boundaries. He had the idea of ​​taking advantage of this unique situation, bordered on the east by a vineyard above which there were views towards the Moselle and Germany.

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Imago Luxemburgi (EN)

Imago Luxemburgi

During its Presidency of the European Communities in 1990, the Luxembourg government commissioned Leon Krier to develop a traveling exhibition to introduce the cultural identity of the Grand Duchy to the other member countries. The inauguration of the exhibition, which took place in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam on 12 June 1990, marked the end of the Luxembourg Presidency and the beginning of the Presidency of the Netherlands.

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Shop "Au Bon Marché" in Esch-sur-Alzette

Project of the Mulhern & Steil era.

The shop "Au Bon Marché" probably had the ugliest awning in the entire rue de l'Alzette.

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