Shop "Au Bon Marché" in Esch-sur-Alzette

Project from the Mulhern & Steil era.

The “Au Bon Marché” store had probably the ugliest awning on the whole rue de l’Alzette.

The owner of the store asked us to fit out a business on 2 levels, as well as the transformation of the apartments on the floors. It was an opportunity to lighten the facade by opening the facade of the 1st floor and replacing the existing awning with a lighter steel and glass structure.

The addition of an elevator, glued to the existing stairwell, was able to improve access to the floors, and a natural light well at the back of the store to encourage access to the 1st commercial floor.

We have transformed the apartments, which have not been modified since the construction of the building, in total respect of the original style.

The “Bon Marché” store disappeared a few years ago, and our facade was replaced by the still quite elegant “Corporate Image” of the multinational that succeeded it.