House in Luxembourg (2)

The owners of this house did not fully enjoy their terrace, due to the noise coming from the street which is very crowded. They asked us to propose a winter garden with partially glazed roof to allow them to use it more often.

Customers were already afraid of what we were going to offer by seeing boxes growing everywhere and spoiling homes similar to theirs. It is indeed much more difficult to add an element that harmonizes with the existing than to add an element that contrasts.

We proposed building a wall in line with the main façade with a lightweight construction with a partially glazed roof behind. After having agreed in principle to the client we drew 8 variants for the wall, and the client chose the one we built.

We took the opportunity to remake the facade plaster of the main house after removing the concrete slab used as a canopy above the front door. If ever there is a need to put on an awning we have studied the possibilities of a steel and glass style replacement.

If our intervention is not obvious from looking at the front of the house, we think we have succeeded in our mission with the humility that should be imposed on projects of this nature. As Leon Krier said, "there is no glory in doing what is right".

Another project was completed by Ex & Co.