House in Hautcharage

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd asked me for the second time to transform an old farmhouse. After their home in Schoenfels in 2002, this new house is located in Hautcharage.

The house was classified as a national monument in 2007, and the works were executed under the supervision of the Sites & Monuments services and the services of the Bascharage Commune.

Customers were aware of the value of each stone of the house they had purchased. My mission was to enable them to have all the comforts of contemporary life without changing the essence of rural architecture that had remained untouched.

I divided the whole into 2 single-family houses, because the area that could be worked after the conversion of the two barns was too large for a single family.

With a minimum of change of the internal structure, we added 2 new staircases, and concrete slabs in the barns to consolidate the whole. The wooden floors, smokehouse and walls of the main house have been maintained.

All the new elements added in the barns have the same character as the restored elements avoiding the use of the modernist style.