Allotment "Leiteschbaach" in Grevenmacher

We had been entrusted with the development of this land in the center of Grevenmacher, a wine-growing town in the Moselle valley, in a mixed set of dwellings, shops and a primary school.

The topography of the terrain made it difficult to manage due to a steep slope to the north and a creek that had eroded the south side.

We proposed a new street that followed the natural contours of the land, bordered on each side by rural buildings. To the north of the street we suggested that the buildings could fill the gap between the new street and the gardens at the back.

The school building was designed in the form of a traditional farm with a courtyard, and the shops were located on the ground floor of a residence on the existing street.

To the east, the houses near the creek were inspired by water mills that can be found in the area.

The Nature Conservation Services had asked us to produce the sketches of the plans, sections and facades of each building in order to reassure the neighbors of what was going to be built, but the neighbors' preoccupation was to avoid any construction that would hinder their View of the virgin lands.

Despite the resistance of the neighbors, we were able to obtain the re-classification of the land into residential building land, but the political authorities of the time were reluctant to approve the particular plans of the development. After nearly 10 years of debate, the developers sold the land.