Allotment "Am Bongert" in Clemency

Project of the Mulhern & Steil era, and the only subdivision we have achieved so far, despite its success at the time.

 The Commune of Clemency instructed us to study a residential complex with a social character to give access to the property to the young people of the Commune who could no longer pay the prices charged for building land.

The topography of the land made it difficult to build a subdivision. Access to the existing networks was very narrow and it was very difficult to build on the central part without carrying out major excavations.

The Commune has followed our proposal to reduce the size of the land to be built to a medium of 2 ares per house, unthinkable at the time, and to arrange the central part in park with children's playground.

The fact of having the Commune as a client allowed us to realize a subdivision deemed exemplary, where no private promoter would have allowed us to devote as much salable land to the approval of the whole.

We have designed an apartment house at an important location to give a certain grandeur to the entire subdivision. There is also a location for a public building if one day there is a need.