Imago Luxemburgi

During its Presidency of the European Communities in 1990, the Luxembourg government commissioned Leon Krier to develop a traveling exhibition to introduce the cultural identity of the Grand Duchy to the other member countries. The inauguration of the exhibition, which took place in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam on 12 June 1990, marked the end of the Luxembourg Presidency and the beginning of the Presidency of the Netherlands.

Léon Krier, creator and director of the exhibition, asked Mulhern & Steil to be the liaison office between him, the Luxembourg government and the host countries. We were especially responsible for the construction and the retreat of the pavilions in the venues where the exhibition took place.

The exhibition was adapted for the Museau d'Electricidade in the Central Tejo in Lisbon from 5 May to 30 June 1992, Antwerp in 1993 and Prague in April 1994 for the first state visit to the Czech Republic.

Some pavilions were used for an exhibition on John the Blind in 1997 before being destroyed.