House in Hagen, France

This first residential house in France differs from the houses we have made so far in Luxembourg. We were able to employ a neo-classical French style rather than the vernacular or neo-classical that we usually use in Luxembourg.

 The client wanted an entrance door similar to the doors found in the upmarket areas of London. This entrance integrates harmoniously with the rest of the whole and gives a more noble character to the whole.

The parents' suite is on the first floor of the main house, opposite the suite for their two daughters which is above the garage.

Class AA house, it is built in 49cm thick insulating blocks coated with a mineral coating, with a traditional wooden frame, insulated with rock wool and covered with natural slates.

The winter garden is made of painted wood and with a mineral finishing coating.

It has all the comforts and contemporary techniques without sacrificing its interior architecture which is of the same style as the exterior.