Residential Complex "Poeppelbaach" in Osweiler

Set of houses with the possibility of creating "live-work units" for trade or for liberal professions, organized around a triangular space.

Urbanism and architecture are based on respect for the place, on its topographic reality and on its landscape and environmental qualities, inspired by the irregular sets that define and close the public domain in traditional ensembles.

This project is a good illustration that AAA certification does not impose an architectural style, but it is simply an energy performance.

Here we have shown that it is possible to achieve regulatory values by using a traditional architecture and building with natural materials without the use of insulating facades.

To be truly sustainable, a building must remain desirable with the passage of time.

The use of strong and durable materials for construction reduces the need for maintenance, unlike the synthetic or sometimes experimental materials that are commonly used.

The client decided to embark on this project to show that it was possible to offer charming places to live in, even with the constraints of current energy classifications.