Newquay Growth Area, England

Project with Leon Krier in 2006 - 2007 for the "Duchy of Cornwall".

The "Duchy" commissioned Léon Krier to develop the "Masterplan" for a new neighborhood in the French surfing capital of Newquay, comprising 1,200 homes on 33 hectares, 15 hectares to be used for employment and 7 hectares greenery. He invited me to assist him in his mission.

 The detailed plans show 2 phases of development on with 300 housing units, 2 residential complexes for a total of 80 elderly people, shops, covered market and buildings intended for local economic activity.

With a density of about 30 dwellings per hectare, all buildings, except landmark buildings, must be between 2 and 2.5 levels high. The architecture of the buildings itself must be inspired by the traditional architecture of Cornwall and overseas seaside buildings.