House in Fentange

House in Fentange, in the outskirts of Luxembourg City, comprising 5 bedrooms and a garage for 3 to 4 cars. 

The living rooms are organized around a sunny terrace which is sheltered from the looks and fresh winds to the north by the shape of the building itself.

The ground floor can function as an "open-plan" unit or be divided by closing the glass doors.

Four bedrooms with bathrooms are on the first floor for children and guests, while the attic is an autonomous area for parents with dressing rooms, bathroom, living room and terrace.

The proportions and stone elements give a neo-classical style to the house, while the parents' terrace on the last floor, with its view towards the forest and fields of wheat, brings a more vernacular and relaxed touch to the whole .

The solar panels on the roof at the back contribute to the production of heat that is ensured by an air / air heat pump.