House in Dudelange

Among several styles that had been proposed by the developer of the Hanzenthal subdivision in Dudelange, the buyers of this land chose a "neo-classical" architecture for the realization of their new home.

Classical and traditional architectures, unlike "modernist" architecture, are never fashionable at a given time, but they are never outdated either. They are better suited to projects that must last in time. We use traditional architectures for the sake of the future and not nostalgia for the past.

To accommodate the high level of the ground we have planned the office and children's rooms at the entrance and garages. The rooms for the home are on a lower level, on one level with the garden and the swimming pool.

The parents' room and the library are located in the attic to enjoy the view towards Mont Saint Jean and the setting sun.

The success of the realization is also due to the help of Alain Van Aerde, Ex & Co who managed the execution.