Retirement home "Hespériedes" in Grevenmacher

Project by Mulhern & Steil.


The owner of this land had resisted the temptation of integrating his land to the housing estates which were under construction to the north and west of its boundaries. He had the idea of ​​taking advantage of the site's unique situation, bordered by a vineyard to the east and which had views towards the Moselle and Germany.

We drew a protected building with a single guarded entrance, but which gave the impression of a charming ensemble in which the boarders/owners could age peacefully and with dignity. This concept was less easy to do than the usual retirement homes, which are too often built in the appearance of slaughterhouses or factories.

The project was ready to build when, due to land issues, the landlord was forced to sell the land to a property developer, even though the project had already been authorized. 

Unfortunately, and for lack of inspiration, the developer redesigned all of the buildings into apartment houses. One set of the buildings looks a little bit like our project, but can only be seen from the other side of the Moselle.